Week 2 РIn the world of the play 

After a great warm up tonight where we had to work hard on our focus and concentration, we entered the world of The Tempest. We selected items from a box and decided which items represented aspects of the play. We had to work as a team and provide our reasons. This was a great activity that made us think really hard about the setting, characters and their relationships. We then decided which vocabulary best described the play… What would you suggest?


Welcome Back SSF!

imageWell it’s been nearly a year since the last SSF performance at Peters Hill and we are delighted that we are taking part for our fifth year, starting tonight!

Please get involved with the blog as the children love to read your encouraging comments during our rehearsal process.

This year we are working on The Tempest and tonight we have watched The Animated Tales so we understand the story, what do you know about the story?

What challenges do you think we will face as we start this play?